Friday, September 4, 2009

Flapjack Friday

Can you believe it? The long weekend has finally arrived! What are you doing for the Labor Day weekend? I’m going on a little road trip down to St.Cloud, MN and taking part in some retail therapy. =)

   So after seeing all the pancake posts back when the pancake challenge was taking place, slowly my craving for a good ol’ pancake kept growing. Those pancake creations were borderline amazing, but for me, I prefer the less fancy flapjack foray. Usually I would make them from scratch, but I came across an awesome deal at Wal-Mart—for a big box of their Great Value Extra Fluffy Pancake Mix for just $1.25, so it would have cost me more to whip them up from scratch. I used to be a total generic snob, and wouldn’t even think of buying off-brand, but now generic brands are just as good, if not better than brand-name! Do you buy generic foods?


 My Thoughts: This mix was great—I did a side-by-side nutritional comparison to Bisquik Healthy Smart mix and everything was very close, except for the price, with Bisquik about a dollar more. All you have to do is at water to the mix—I added pumpkin pie spice , a teaspoon of vanilla and some fresh blueberries.










See you soon!


Jenny said...

sometimes generic products shock me with how great they are! I wish everyday was flapjack friday :)

Lexi said...

I love the generics too. Esp. on a budget! Walmart is getting really kickass. They even have Oikos and some kashi products now!

Love the flapperss.

Chocolate Covered Katie said...

Hey, saving money is always a good thing :)

Anonymous said...

awww pancakes and waffles are DEFINITELY my comfort food. Good to know that Walmart brand mixes are reliable and yummy! You got a great deal on it!!

brandi said...

no big plans for us this weekend, but it will be nice anyways.

i buy some generic just depends.

the pancakes look great!

Anonymous said...

Yes I certainly buy generic foods, esp since becoming a college student. Beggars can't be choosy! But there are some things that I would NEVER buy generic, things that need to be good quality, like cheese.

Kim said...

I just started buying generic or store-brands in the past year. Most of them are great, it's only occasionally when I prefer a brand-name. It's a great way to save for better produce and things. Love the pancakes. You made them your own!! - blueberries are a favorite of mine.

Erica said...

I will occasionally buy the specialty mixes from Williams sonoma, but usually skip out on the food store mixes. Its so cheap to do your own at home, but the store bought mixes are great if you're in a pinch for time! Enjoy your trip ;)

Erica said...

awwww! It is so hard to be away from a bully! I live in a town right next to Charleston, so we're very close! Takes us maybe 12 minutes to get into the city?