Wednesday, June 10, 2009

♫Taking Care of Business♫

“Taking care of business every day
Taking care of business every way
I've been taking care of business, it's all mine
Taking care of business and working overtime
Work out!”

Okay, not really! Technically I am currently not employed besides my small beading business and selling stuff on EBay! (Hey a college girl has to get by somehow!) The kind of business I am talking about is a baking business! I have been receiving a lot of emails/comments asking if I sell(or would consider selling) and shipping my baked goods. Well I make them a lot for friends, family, etc. that ask for occasions and what not, but I had never thought of selling them. I think it sounds like a great idea though—I have one whole recipe book that I put together of all my tried and true recipes I have collected in the past couple years since I have become a “Mini Rachael” as my dad likes to call me (although Rachael isn’t big on baking). I would definitely provide ingredients and nutrition info and would be able to customize according to your likes. Just thought I would shoot the idea at you guys—if you could click the poll below and tell me if you’d be interested? If I get enough good feedback I will put together a list of things I would sell. I am also known for making really cute “Cakes in a Pot” for gifts and layered gift jars with mixes for soups, dips, cakes, cookies, trail mix etc. (btw, I could do the cheapest shipping techniques/rates possible—my mom works at the Post Office, so she knows the ropes!)

Would you be interested if I opened an online blogger bakery?


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On another note, I got an apartment in my college town finally! It’s a two bedroom so I will have plenty of extra room! I am so happy, because originally there wasn’t any openings until August, but now I get to move in the beginning of July! I will def take pics tomorrow to show you guys! I am overly excited! So I will be packing, moving, etc. once again—does it ever end?! =) I’m putting together a post now for tomorrow since I will be leaving quite early for the drive. Heads up: You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s post—it to die for!

p.s. Check out my new features on the side bar—Cassie’s Cookbook and Cookbook of the Month which features a new cookbook I’ve recently got that I am lovin’!

I’ll leave you with a yummy dinner I had:


Simply but Savory Shrimp Kebabs

For all of you that have access to fresh from the sea seafood—I am extremely jealous—I have to resort to frozen shrimp which can be a bit of a drag in the taste department. So I need to jazz em’ up with a marinade. Marinades can add a lot of flavor but also a lot of calories too which is why I used my *special* low-cal marinade to baste these babies!


*Desired amount of honey mustard

*Dash of apple cider vinegar

*Squeeze of lemon juice

*Pinch of desired seasonings

Mix em’ all together and slather the kebabs prior to baking. I like kebabs not only for their taste, but because of the customization they allow. For mine I used bell peppers, shrimp, onions, zucchinis, and mushrooms. So put together your fav meat/veggie combo and give my marinade a shot!

What’s you favorite kebab combo?




tinyirishdancer said...

Mhmm! Kebab - such a fun word to say. And a fun food to eat!
Will you be my personal chef, please?

(And YES. I am very muchly interested in your bakery - I think it's a fabulous idea!)

Jenny said...

i definitely encourage you to start you bakery girl.. you would hit the motherload!

Jenny said...

p.s. i would love it if you sent me a picture of your bathing suit =)!

Krista said...

A blogger bakery sounds like a lot of fun! And congrats on the new apartment!