Friday, June 12, 2009

A Slew of News

  I am overly eager to report my apartment is better than I could have imagined! Of course I scouted the kitchen out first—and it is the cutest! It’s all white, lots of cupboard/counter space and just perfect for me! Then there’s the huge bay window in the living room/dining room area that provides a great view from the 3rd floor. When you walk in to the left is a giant pantry and the right is a giant coat closet complete with shoe racks and all! Then the bathroom is a bathroom, nothing too extravagant. 2 bedrooms—the guestroom is a little smaller but still has a big closet(I am using this for my craft room/office like I have at home), and then my room is gigantic complete with a walk-in closet!! I have never had a walk-in..just 2 closets I took over here! So needless to say the 2nd week in July cannot come any sooner. Bad news—no pictures could be taken seeming how the prior family was still partially there. So you’ll have to imagine for now. My room themed plans are as follows:

  • Kitchen-White/Pink Cupcake/Ice Cream Theme
  • Bathroom-Tropical Flare
  • Living Room-Not Too Sure, More of a Modern Look
  • My Bedroom-Fantasyland Complete With All Things Butterflies
  • Guestroom-Undecided. Any fun ideas?

So my wonderful mom who already knew my whole pink/white cupcake/ice cream kitchen theme has started early to stock me up =)


(Cupcake plates, dish scrubbies, hot pads, cooking mitts, baking funnels, and a tie apron for all those messy jobs!)




Our day ended with a nice meal (one of my fav fast food meals) and a sweet treat dessert—DQ anyone(hey, Krista!) For those of you that are new to the blog, I know I mentioned it before in previous posts that my first job when I was fifteen was at KFC—yes I know I was young/desperate—but hey I worked with a bunch of friends and we had a blast all the while earning moolah! So I decided it was time for a little walk down memory lane! I had planned on trying the new KFC Grilled Chicken, but my mom ordered hers first and I was a bit disappointed that it had skin on it!(I despise skin on my chicken), so I passed it up and went with the standard. My mom said to Grilled was nothing to rave about and she really didn’t find any significant difference between the grilled and the original + it was even a bit drier!!—Bummer!

My Standard(minus the biscuit!):


I ordered up a Tendergrill chicken breast without the wrap and all the extras, some good ol’ green beans and some comforting mashed potatoes with half the gravy. It really is a healthy meal for a fast food place although I wouldn’t advocate eating instant mashed potatoes 24/7. Also I learned that you could just order a nice chicken breast when I worked there—I would actually bake them—they are just frozen like you would buy at the store, a little bit of seasonings baked with no oils/grease/butter/etc. So now you know a little trick—order a Tendergrill chicken breast sans anything else.

Then who doesn’t want to end a great day on a sweet note? I do!


DQ Cherry Sundae can’t be beat! I always get it with 1/2 the syrup otherwise it’s a major sugar overload. Such a nice occasional treat!

Enjoy your Friday and remember—tomorrow’s the weekend!


brandi said...

love all the cupcake stuff and I'm glad your apartment is good. Jealous of the walkin closet!!! :)

Christy said...

Hey! Great're the winner of my Father's Day Cookie giveaway!! Yay!

Could you please e-mail me your shipping address and your father's, sports etc?


Erica said...

Glad you are loving the apartment! That is really exciting!! You could do like a black/white theme in the guest bedroom- only black and white pictures on the walls and a very simple comforter?

YES- I heard about Kendra! I can't believe it. She is going to be hilarious preggers!

Jenny said...

that apartment sounds so perfect.. and your mom hooked you up with some awesome goodies.. what a sweetheart she is =)

glad you enjoyed yourself some grub.. i am definitely not opposed to some good ol' fashion KFC and DQ .. i was so looking forward to trying their new grilled chicken too - it's a bummer to hear that it wasn't very good!

tinyirishdancer said...

Haha! Your kitchen theme is toooo cute. I love it. =]

And that sundae - WOW. I want to reach through my computer screen and grab it. Yummayy.

Hope settling in goes well! I'm so glad you found a place that suits you!

Rachel said...

Those theme ideas are so cute! I usually don't have the dedication to do that kind of planning & decorating, but I certainly admire it.

katecooks said...

aw how nice of your mom to help you get started on your kitchen decorating! i love DQ but havent had it in ages. that's something i do with my mom too! maybe next time i go home :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! I can just imagine what your new apartment looks like...esp the's my DREAM kitchen with the cute white/cupcake/icecream color coordination! I'm SO envious...I LOVE all those cutey food themes!
I can't wait for the finished pics!

Healthy Beach Bum said...

Ah girly your new place sounds adorable! Lovin all of the ice cream accessories :)

hmmm guest bed room ideas. I get the Pottery Barn Teen catalog and they always have fun bedroom themes!Here is there site if you want to look through:

have a great night chica! <3