Thursday, June 4, 2009

Super Sweet Secret Surprise!

Try saying that title 3 times fast!

I love secrets[as long as they’re not kept from me for long!]

I love surprises[I mean c’mon who doesn’t?]

And I love blog swaps because they let you meet so many wonderful blogger’s that you might not have otherwise found out about! So I always jump at the chance to join em’! They keep getting better.

This time my secret swapper was Nell from PB & Bananas and lets just say she totally spoiled me and I wish I could give her a giant hug, but a virtual hug will have to do!  Thank you again and again Nell, you are too sweet!

Check out the goodies!



Cutest Weiner Dog Card!


Ahhhhh! PB & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful! I have this nowhere within 400 miles of my house(no joke!), so this was a major treat! I only have had one jar, the Chocolate kind, so this will be cherished consumed stat!


An assortment of total yummy looking bars! Nell was obviously blog stalking(hey she admitted it!) to know that I am a bar-loving girl! And I have never had a Lara Bar but heard lots about the Cashew Cookie, so can’t wait! And the Kettle Corn Pro Bar looks divine!(Are you sure we weren’t friends one time or another Nell? You nailed my taste preferences perfectly!)

And to top off the awesome package…


A tube of Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss that smells good enough to eat! And a fun summer mix of Beatles tunes—gotta love the Beatles! It’ll be perfect for summer cruises in my car or some background music in the kitchen.

Again, thank you Nell for the wonderful surprise!

You rock!


Bec said...

thats a pretty sweet package, lots of goodies!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks so much CaSaundra! I'm just glad you liked it! I always worry that what I think is fun everyone else will think is lame, lol. But I just love preparing gifts and packages and whatnot for people. And I'm definitely glad that all the bars are to your taste. I just threw in an assortment to cover all the bases. I can't believe you've never tried a Lara! You will seriously love them - I've never had a Lara I didn't like.

Hope you enjoy :) And I'll be keeping up on your blog, for sureee.
<3 Nell

tinyirishdancer said...

Wow! What a fabulous package! I want me some WCW.. =P

Ahh. And you can never have too much Beatles. That's for sure.

You lucky girl, you!

Jenny said...

aw awesome goodies! I haven't tried white chocolate wonderful yet, can't wait to hear your thoughts :)!

Anonymous said...

aw, how COOL! A thoughtful and amazing package indeed!