Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye Chilly May..Hello Chili June

  Can you believe it?! Frost warning here for last night. It got below zero. It’s almost a joke, except it’s not funny at all. But like I always point out, a foodie always has the kitchen to resort to in times of bad weather—in my case sometimes even when the weather is good!

 Did you all have a great weekend? I lounged, hit up a grad party, got my hair trimmed—all the regular things, but there was one thing that wasn’t too regular, but may become more regular during the upcoming warm months. I had an awesome addition to my meal Saturday to brighten things up a bit in absence of Mr. Sun. If you’re in the mood for some chili, even if it’s not chilly outside, you may want to put this at the top of your list if you haven’t already!

Does everybody know what happens when two hot peppers get together to dance and then Mrs. Boca joins in on the fun?

It end’s up to be one big Boca Chili party complete with beans and all the goodness of a regular beefy chili.



   BTW, that is not the container it originally comes in—it does come in the nice little fancy microwavable black bowl shown on the package, but due to the uber fill-up factor of this, I had to save half for tomorrows lunch! For taste I would give this an A because if you were to do a blind test of beef chili vs. this soy chili, I couldn’t tell the difference. And since I don’t eat red meat, I am really glad there’s the option of a meat-free alternative. The texture was an A also—perfect chili consistency. So overall the Boca Meatless Chili was an easy A+ in my book! Check out the stats for it vs. your everyday chili below!

CIMG0128 (2)

Happy June


Erica said...

Owwww very fun! I bet that boca made an awesome meatless version! I'm sorry its been a little chilly there- I hope it warms up this week.

Jenny said...

ahh i just saw that chilly today and i opted not to get it because i didnt think it would be good :( blasphemy! had i only read this post a few hours earlier.. at least i know for next time! :) thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

haha, I agree! hot or chilly, any excuse to spend time in the kitchen!
boca? A+? really? I always thought boca products were bad, but never tried their chili yet...

brandi said...

I haven't tried that chili yet, but it does look good!

tinyirishdancer said...

Thank you for the warm college wishes, m'dear!

..and have I mentioned that I ADORE your blog? You are quite the baker/cook! So creative, too. =]

Hope things start warming up for you soon - although cold weather IS a great excuse to putter around in the kitchen. ;D

Take care! <3<3