Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cool New Feature Alert!

  Hey everyone! Here we are, another week, another month—time sure does fly. Sorry my posts have been somewhat sporadic lately, but I do have a legit excuse—actually 2!

  • I have been a busy blogger bee working on new blogging features for you.
  • And last night I went gambling for the first time with my momma dearest. I love how the gambling age is only 18 in Minnesota! I wasn’t a fan that indoor smoking is allowed in casinos(yuck!), but I was intrigued by the millions of flashing lights and so on. I got my members card(with a free five bucks to spend!) and I didn’t end up winning anything or losing, I left when I was even which works for me! Of course my mom wins the big one hundred. Cool, real cool.  Overall gambling experience—not something I would make a habit of doing, but something different every once and awhile.

Now I would like to present to you a brand new feature I am adding to the good ol’ blog!

Recipe Redo On a Budget

What does it consist of you ask?

  • Recipes I choose or readers submit to be “healthified” using better-for-you ingredients, but still keeping the price significantly low.
  • Tips and tricks to lighten any recipes.
  • Basically just a chance to bring a dash more of healthy to the blog!

Why did I choose to add this feature?

  • The main reason I chose to add this feature to my blog is to distill the myth that eating healthy is such a chore and too expensive and that eating packaged and highly processed food is the only way to go. Yes, eating organic foods can be a bit more costly, but an all-around healthy diet, organic or not, can actually be quite cheap. If you are already a healthy eater, super! If not, or if you’d like to improve a bit, hopefully these recipes can help you out a bit!
  • Eating healthy does not have to be bland or boring as these recipes will hopefully prove. Most all recipes can be made healthy with some simple tweaks and adjustments with alternate products or reducing amounts of ingredients.
  • The third reason I chose to do this is because I have a ton of recipes that are healthy, but a ton that are not! I figured it would be a fun challenge to turn them healthy, while staying on a budget and of course maintaining the original flavor as much as possible.

How can you participate?

  • If you have a recipe you would like me to try and redo while keeping the price down low, I am up for the challenge! Shoot me an email at with the title being: Recipe Redo and I will see what I can do!
  • Also, if you have a recipe that you have tweaked to turn healthy, don’t be shy; please share as I will also have a readers recipe tab for this! All I need is the recipe, photo if available, and nutritional stats =)

How do I access this new feature?

  • Lucky for you, I redid my first recipe today!!! Hopefully I can get one in every week, or every other. You can click here to view it! I really hope you guys like this—lemme here feedback!

See You Tomorrow!

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Jenny said...

i am in love with this new feature girl - can't wait to see all the redo's your creative brain comes up with!!