Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hey ya’ll—it’s Paula Deen!

Usually I am not a fan of entering recipe contests just because I never think that I have a chance of winning. Although lately I have been entering them left and right because I have come up with a few recipes I think could have potential to win a contest. So this time I decided to enter the Paula Deen recipe contest, which you can view details about here. I brainstormed a recipe which consisted of a bunch of random things I had and wanted to use up and lucky for me everyone claimed they were the “best bars ever”. Hey, I wouldn’t complain if I won to $25,000—it could totally pay for college! Hello no student loans anyone?? But I do have a picture of these bars and I can give you a few hints:

  • The name is Ruby Red Molasses Melties
  • They are fruity.
  • They are a bit nutty.(like me!ha ha)

*And don’t worry, I will release the recipe soon, so sit tight y’all!*


Now onto a little product review business…if you’re always cooking like me, you likely are doing dishes a lot—unless of course you have a personal assistant or a dishwasher that does them for you. Unfortunately, I do not, so that means I constantly have my hands in the water. I was definitely seeing the effects that the soap was having on my hands day after day—it was drying them out and causing a more red appearance, so I knew I wouldn’t stop cooking, therefore washing dishes, so I needed to find an alternative. Lucky for me, I had gotten a coupon for Dawn Plus Hand Renewal and although a bit skeptical about their claim, I caved and tried it. Here’s a bit about it..


“With Dawn PLUS Hand Renewal, you can transform the look and feel of your hands in just five dish washes. Side by side comparisons show that within five uses of Dawn PLUS Hand Renewal, skin feels softer and more beautiful.

Don't just use a dish soap that's mild on your skin-try one that actually improves the look and feel of it! Dawn PLUS Hand Renewal is great for hand care and you'll still get the excellent grease fighting power you've come to trust with Dawn.

Enjoy invigorating Pomegranate and Splash with Vitamin E, delicate Lavender and Silk with Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera Scent.”

Well guys, the verdict—it did make a difference! My dryness subsided and I could not get enough of the Pomegranate and Splash scent. It was super good smelling and it made a bubbly fun experience in my sink! Hey, a girl can have fun while working right?! So definitely keep an eye out for coupons if you’re in the ballpark for some fun new dish soap that helps out your hands!


Jenny said...

oh my gosh girl those bars look amazing! I've got my fingers crossed for you :) good luck!

tinyirishdancer said...

Lordy, those bars look FABULOUS. I hope you win!
Yumyummyyum. =]

Stacey said...

I've been having issues with dry hands too from doing dishes, washing fruits & veggies, etc. My poor hands have an orange-y tint and the skin is starting to peel in between my fingers!! I actually grabbed some of that dish soap a couple weeks ago in the same scent and it really helps! I love it.
I hope you win the contest; those bars look super yummy!

Krista said...

I can not wait to see this recipe!

And I LOVE Cleaning Eating magazine! It's 100% worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

urgh! you're evil! making us wait for the recipe! I can hardly sit still!