Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Raves & Reviews

Hi friends! How the week going? We’re halfway through it! Do you have the day off for Veteran’s Day? Both my mom and I have it off from school and work, so that means it was time for our weekly get together!! We had a great dinner last night together and I knew exactly what I wanted to make for breakfast. But first, do you guys love photo booths at the mall like I do?! I have quite the collection =)


So first up, we decided last night for dinner we wanted to go to the Ground Round. They have a lot of neat stuff, and it’s one of the main supporters of our college sports here. I am really  trying to step out of the boat and try different things when I go out to eat because I always seem to lean towards similar things. Do you do that? I decided on the Orange Grilled Salmon, which was described as “Cajun-grilled salmon basted in orange marinade”. I am not one to eat oranges plain—it’s about the only fruit I don’t like, but this was fabulous! I really wish I could remake the marinade, but so many good flavors I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I also got a baked potato with salsa, some steamed assorted veggies, and garlic bread that I didn’t have room for.


Mom got her favorite—chicken fajitas. I think they are quite entertaining because they come completely sizzling to the table and are so loud!


Then we skedaddled over to the mall to walk off our meal. I really wanted to look for a pair of high-heeled black leather boots to add to my ridiculous expanding boot collection, but I think I will wait it out till Black Friday sales! I also got my Christmas tree which is a white one like I’ve always wanted! I am doing the whole thing red and white candy cane themed. I love not being traditional! Of course the whole shopping shenanigan made us hungry again, so we ventured where next? Hint..


Coldstone Creamery! I used to go here every day last year, but now that I make my own ice cream, I rarely do, which is ok because it saves a heck of a lot of money! But Coldstone is a fun treat. I decided on Love It size Sinless Sweet Cream with a scoop of Coffee ice cream and the needed blueberries and  cinnamon sprinkling—odd but wonderful!


Mom tried the seasonal Chocolate Peppermint, which looked like dirt to me, ha-ha! She said she didn’t taste the mint too much and it’s definitely a chocolate lovers flavor!


We came home, watched Housewives of Orange County and other pointless TV, we laughed, and chatted. Then we went to bed and woke up to a gorgeous 65 degrees today! I seriously must be dreaming =) Tonight I am seriously pooped from another busy and fantastic day—so stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow—there’ll be a fabulous breakfast, lunch, and dinnerplus recipes!


Night all!


Bethany said...

Yum Coldstone!! Love it!

Jenny said...

good food, good dessert, good company -- sounds like the perfect day :)

I had no idea the Ground Round still existed! they used to have one in my town and I LOVED it. I vaguely remember these cinnamon sugar type pita chips -- oh, I ODed on them so many times.

lesley living life said...

Unfortunately I didn't have the day off! :(

Buuuut I'm glad you did!! Looks like you had a great one too :D

Sophia said...

I used to work at Cold STones!!! I like their cake batter and raspberry sorbet.

I tend to lean towards certain food, too. If it has winter squash, or cheese, I'm all over it.

Christy said...

Sounds like a fun evening! Gotta love ending the night at ColdStone-MMMM. :-)

brandi said...

sounds like you two had a good time :) i haven't had coldstone in so long!!! and I just remembered I have a coupon.

Krista said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great time with your Mom. Those are precious moments for sure!

katecooks said...

aw what a great day with your mom! you two are too cute!

Kim said...

So nice that you and your mom have that time together. I haven't been to a Ground Round in years. They are closed over this way. I'm also guilty of ordering the same thing at the restaurants all the time. I get my favorite and then I just stick with it. Love that you went to Coldstone. I love that place. I'm also with you on the black leather boots. I've been on a search for a pair myself ;D