Thursday, December 16, 2010

Would You Like Fries With That?

Taking a break from all things holiday related..

Recently I got asked through the FoodBuzz Tastemaker program if I’d like to try out Wendy’s new French fries. The first thought that came to mind was, “Oh, Wendy’s has new French fries?” I headed over to trusty Google and typed in “Wendy’s new French fries” and was presented with this information..

Wendy's French fries came in at number four behind industry leader McDonald's, up-and-comer Five Guys and In-N-Out Burger. Perhaps that is why after 41-years, Wendy's has redesigned their fries.

Wendy’s  new fries  are:

  • Natural-cut
  • Include the skin
  • Feature sea salt
  • 100% Russet potatoes
  • Focus on wholesome ingredients to appeal to the nutrition conscious

So I made the trek to the nearest Wendy’s, about an hour away to try these new and hyped about fries.

Were they worth the drive?

(or the hour 15 minute waiting line?)


First bite:

  • I am a fan of sea salt on fries.

Second bite:

  • I like the skin on the fries, but as far as flavor, these fries weren’t much of a switch up from Wendy’s previous fries.

Third bite:

  • Hmm, I wonder how much these fries differ nutritionally from Wendy’s previous fries? So I checked..

Medium serving of new fries
Calories – 420 (10 calories more than original fries)
Fat – 20 grams (1 gram higher than original fries)
Sodium – 500 mg (150 mg more than original fries)
Carbohydrates – 54 grams (2 grams higher than original fries)
Protein – 5 grams (1 gram more than original fries)
Medium serving of original fries
Calories – 410
Fat – 19 grams
Sodium – 350 mg
Carbohydrates – 56 grams
Fiber – 5 grams
Protein – 4 grams

Fourth bite:

  • Where’s the nutritional difference? Oh well, they are still good. Not better than McDonald’s, and still not better than homemade sweet potato fries, but hey, overall it was a great addition to their amazing Apple Chicken Pecan salad!

Other companies jumping on the sea salt band wagon:

•Campbell. In 2006, it was among the first to begin using sea salt. It now sells 200 reduced-sodium products made with sea salt, spokesman John Faulkner says.

•Whole Foods. In the past year, its 365 Everyday Value house brand launched a wave of products with sea salt — from nuts to potato chips. It also encourages suppliers to use sea salt because its customers prefer it, spokeswoman Liz Burkhart says.

•Target. The discounter uses sea salt in its Archer Farms store brand's Sea Salt, Caramel & Almond Indulgent Granola Bites.


Have you tried Wendy’s new fries; what’d you think?


Krista said...

Haven't tried the fries yet, but I'm not a huge fry gal so I'm in no rush. I guess if you're watching your sodium these would be slightly better...

Christina said...

Ok wow, driving an hour and waiting 15 minutes at a Wendy's!?!?!?! Unheard of!! haha

I tried the new fries - have had them twice. The first time they were freshly fried and really delicious. The 2nd time they were not as hot and slightly soggy. A step up from Wendy's old fries, but not by much. Also, you're right - still don't beat McDonald's.

OH AND --- about the nutrition info!?! What in the world!?

Erica said...

WOW! Interesting. I love how you posted about the nutritional differences. Doesn't sound like much of a nutritional improvement. Their old fries were so soggy- not my flavor. Haven't tried the new ones

Lisa said...

Thats interesting that they're 10 calories more, but at least they are made with healthier oils, def a plus!

soul + food said...

I haven't tried the fries as yet but I was very curious to know about them - thanks for the review and nutritional facts

Jessica@tastyandtrim said...

I've heard about those new fries - I haven't tried them yet though! I love myself some good fries though :) My absolute favorite has to be baked sweet potato fries! Have a great weekend love!!

Tropical Eats said...

wow haven't heard about their new fries! LOVE Wendy's though. They have such yummy Chili :)

My sister bought sea salt the other day.. not sure if I like it better tho because the salt grains are huge!

Mary said...

I so appreciate your candor. I love people who tell it like it is. I have not yet tried the fries. I hope you are having a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

laurie said...

They look good and I think the sea salt is a great idea!

sophia said...

I'm hoping to try it soon! I have a Wendy's about a mile away from me. I've heard a lot of good stuff about them!

Lee Hersh said...

That is crazy that they promote their fries to being "all natural and healthier" when in reality, it has more cal and fat! Ohhhh Wendies. I've never thad their salads, when I go to Wendy's I always get a baked potato and a frosty :) om nom nom.

Nicole, RD said...

Wow! No joke! I would've thought that they'd at least shave some calories and SODIUM from the original recipe. Dumb!! McD's fries are way better than Wendy's, but maybe I would like the sea salt fries? I dunno. Knowing they're less healthy makes me hesitant, though! Great review, Cassie!