Thursday, February 11, 2010

South of the Border Super Bowl Sunday

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Had a  wonderful day off today—the sun was shining (finally), went out to eat with a good friend and had some amazing pizza, topped off the day with some Cold Stone coffee flavored ice cream, and now kicking back and finally getting around to blogging about the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Reading blogs this week I’ve seen a lot of yummy looking Super Bowl food—too bad we all couldn’t get together and swap food. But at least there’s always the option of sharing through a blog. We hadn’t really planned out what we were going to make Sunday because on Saturday I was snowmobiling from a.m. to p.m. and clocked out at around 200 miles—to say I was a little sore Sunday would be an understatement—ouch! I usually like to plan menus ahead of time, but I’ve found that last minute things can actually come together rather well—this was one of those times! It came out as more of a Mexican meal, hence the “south of the border” theme.

I have never had buffalo before, but since we had some on hand I thought why not use it for tacos. Here’s some surprising health benefits and a meat chart about buffalo I thought were interesting:

  • Buffalo meat has 3.5 times less fat than beef.
  • Buffalo meat is lower in cholesterol than beef.
  • Buffalo meat contains less calories than beef.
  • Buffalo meat has more iron and vitamin B-12 content than beef.
  • Buffalo meat has 35% more protein than beef.
  • Do you eat buffalo meat? I was highly impressed with the stats and ever more so with the taste—I would prefer this anytime over beef! Any recipes you have using buffalo?

    Buffalo Tacos


    • 8 tortillas (see what I used below)
    • 1 lb ground buffalo
    • 1 can green chilies, drained
    • 1 c chunky salsa
    • 1/2 c green pepper, diced
    • 1/4 c yellow onion, diced
    • pepper to taste
    • shredded pepper cheese blend, sour cream, taco sauce, and shredded lettuce


    • Spray skillet with nonstick cooking and brown buffalo on medium heat until cooked through (6-8 min). Add taco seasoning and water called for on package and mix thoroughly.


    • Add in pepper, onions, salsa, ground pepper, and chilies. Cook until heated through.
    • Shut off stovetop and cover to keep warm while you warm tortillas in microwave briefly.


    I used Gourmet Tortillas Premium Light Healthy Flour Tortillas. No taste or texture difference in these compared to your standard tortilla, so why not just go the healthy route?

    • Add lettuce, meat, and desired toppings to your taco, roll it up, and chow down—but don’t forget to make this delish cornbread for a side dish!


    Black Bean Cornbread


    • 1 package Betty Crocker cornbread and ingredients called for on package—minus oil(not needed due to the sauce in the vegetable mix).


    • 1 New Age Southwest Fiesta Blend frozen vegetable mix



    • Preheat oven to temp called for on package.
    • Spray 8 x 8 inch pan with nonstick spray.
    • Mix cornbread, egg, and milk thoroughly.
    • Add in full bag of veggie mix and continue stirring.


    • Bake for time called for on package.
    • Let cool briefly, cut into 8 slices or 16 bite-size appetizer bites.



    Stay tuned for the next three days—three days of tempting Valentine’s treats for the one you love—or heck, just you! :-)


    Krista said...

    We LOVE bison at my house!! It makes great burgers, too.

    Snowmobiling sounds like SO MUCH fun. It's something I've always wanted to do but never seem to....

    Tanya said...

    Trying bison is on my to do list - never had it before.

    Nicole, RD said...

    Buffalo tacos, love it! We use venison a lot to make tacos! So lean and delicious!!

    Kim said...

    I love buffalo meat, but can never usually find it. Great idea to make buffalo tacos. Hope you are having a great Valentine's Day.

    Never been snowmobiling- but it sounds really fun!