Sunday, January 3, 2010

South Bound

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to conquer 2010—I have a feeling it’ll be a great year. As for resolutions, I don’t have any fitness goals, but more so just live life like it’s my last day everyday. I look back in 2009 and think to many days I took to many things for granted and this year I need to focus on counting my blessings a bit more. What is your major or minor New Year’s resolution?

So yesterday my grandma and I  left –30 temperatures in Minnesota, hopped on a plane, and ended up in a much warmer 60 degrees in Orlando. Although this week in Florida is supposed to hit record lows, I’d take sunny skies, palm trees, and mid-sixties any day over snow, blizzard winds, and bare trees!



We flew Allegiant Air, which only flies out of select airports which is too bad because it’s a great airline. A total roundtrip flight ticket came to $220 including luggage fees and taxes. We could have saved $30 if chose not to choose our seats. I was a little leery with the price that the flight itself would be a little on the down side, but I would highly recommend Allegiant Air over any other airline I’ve flown.The staff was highly interactive with all the passengers and always joking over the intercom. I was even impressed with the snack and food options they offered.



Lots of organic foods, fruits, and healthier chip options—prices weren’t bad at all either! I almost wished I hadn’t just eaten what I packed. Do you pack your own food/snacks when you fly? I packed a baked potato with salsa, half a egg strata with ketchup I made.


And the last piece of my belated-Christmas cheesecake with an apple for munching.

The flight was a bit bumpy which left my stomach a tad upset, but once we landed and I rested for a bit I was ready to trek back to the hotel, unpack, and go out to get some groceries for our room. I always like to get a hotel with a fridge and microwave so  that I can fuel up with a good breakfast before we leave for the day. Here’s what we got for our week away:


Assorted cereal, bananas, protein drinks, squashes, and soup.


Clementine's, apples, soymilk, milk, diet soda, spinach, wraps, cottage cheese, blueberries, eggbeaters, and  of course the necessary ketchup.

As soon as we got out of the airport I was starving, so we stopped at the nearest restaurant which happened to be Denny’s. I decided to get grilled chicken breast, homes style potatoes, corn, and some chicken noodle soup.

GetAttachment[3] (2)

 GetAttachment[2] (3)

Unfortunately the chicken noodle soup was way over-salted and looked more like a cream soup than a broth-based. I ate what I could and put the rest aside. Do you normally send dishes back that don’t meet your standards? I sometimes do, but I was already full after my meal, so it was no big deal.

Tomorrow make sure to check back for a re-cap on our road trip to the beach. Have a wonderful Sunday!



Jenny said...

I am so impressed with the airline's healthier food fare options!

so jealous your in Florida! enjoy the weather for me, sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

I've never sent food back in a restaurant, but when I've had food delivered a couple of times it's been cold and rang them and made sure they replaced it.

The weather must be wonderful in Florida, it's freezing over here.


Stacey said...

Have an amazing time in Florida!!

Krista said...

I'd take the Florida temps, too!! I like a fridge in the hotel, too. Even if it just ends up holding restaurant leftovers!

lesley lifting life said...

How fun ... I'd take those temps too!!! There's supposed to be a high of -2 here on Friday ... yikes!

Anonymous said...

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Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

omgggg girly! i wish i could come visit you :( It figures school starts the week when you fly down :( Have the best time! Can't wait to read about your FL posts wahoo!

wish it was warmer down here for ya.. i can't believe how cold it is

Kim said...

Have a wonderful time on vacation in Florida! Enjoy the warmer weather and time with your grandma. Sounds like lots of fun is coming your way :D

Anonymous said...

I do pack snacks for flights, yep! Love Larabars and trail mixes to go!

Have a wonderful time on vacation! Don't think we've "talked" lately, so Happy New Year!