Friday, January 8, 2010

Flea Markets and Universal Studios Fun

Sunday the sunny Florida skies decided to disappear behind the clouds which left us the perfect opportunity to hit up the flea markets. We hit up the 192 flea markets and the Maingate flea markets which are both located in Kissimmee. I absolutely love scrounging for random things and of course getting major  bargains. I didn’t go crazy buying stuff like past years because I finally realized I don’t like stuffing it in my suitcase. I did find a nice watch for only $8 though!

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I almost wish we had flea markets back home. Do you ever go to flea markets?

And lucky for me I found a Cold stone right around the corner. I got Sinless Sweat Cream flavor mixed with Pumpkin flavor, blueberries, and cinnamon. Really good combo!

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Monday we took a short drive into Orlando to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. I haven’t been there for three years now, so I was looking forward to seeing everything again. Unfortunately, the weather was only in the high 40’s—I just can’t escape this cold weather, but it seems like it’s everywhere in the US right now. What are your temps where you are?


Up first was Islands of Adventure which is more of the theme park rides.




Comic Strip land was really cute! I love reading comics in the Sunday newspaper.


The highlight of the day was Dr.Seuss land—I used to read all of his books when I was younger!



 Grandma and I!


And couldn’t forget about my first love, Spongebob!


Then we headed to Universal Studios park.


We went on the Twister ride which simulates a tornado from the movie Twister—fire, wind, rain, loud noises—it was intense! I have a few videos from the trip, but I forgot the cord to the computer, so it’ll be up when I get home. =) The ET ride is another one of my favorites—I always would see it on commercials when I was younger and now I’ve been on it a few times, so it’s neat! Jaws is another one of the good ones you’ll want to experience. You do get wet, so we skipped it this time unfortunately. I still snuck a picture with him though!


All of that walking definitely worked up an appetite, so we headed out to find somewhere to eat. If I had a choice of restaurants, I would usually choose a buffet just because I am one who likes to pick and choose. We found Ponderosa Steakhouse which was a really good deal and great tasting food. For $9.99 here’s what I got--

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Grilled chicken breast with a baked potato

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Big plate of assorted veggies

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I thought that was a pretty good deal for such a good and healthy meal—we ended up eating there almost every night of our trip being it was so close to the hotel.

Also, when I am on vacation, being the ice cream connoisseur that I am, I always try to scope out different ice cream places I don’t have back home. I chose to stop at TCBY which I’ve heard raves about, and now I know why! It was divine!

Large peanut butter frozen yogurt with waffle cone pieces hit the spot. 


Have a great weekend everyone!


lesley lifting life said...

How fun!!! :)Looks like you had a fabulous time!

I think the twister ride sounds neat!

Sook said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! And good food! :)

Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

glad you're having a fun time! sorry the weather is not its normal hot humid self :( Cant believe its in the 20s-40s during the day!

Crabby Bills is one of my most favorite restaurants mmm. They have some really good crab cakes and crab legs. Have a wonderful rest of your trip! Stay warm <3

Anonymous said...

Looks fun! I went to a flea market in Athens and we had a BLAST! Love all the pictures!

Krista said...

That watch is cute! We have lots of flea markets here. The blue skies in Florida sure are deceiving considering the temps! We had a Ponderosa in my city but it went bottoms up years ago. I miss the place!

Kim said...

You are having so much fun in FL! I love islands of adventure and universal. It's too bad that the cold weather is following you. I've heard reports of freezing weather in Fl and the harm it's doing to the citrus groves. Love all your pics! Have a safe trip home!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

TCBY!! Ahh! We only have one left around where I live. The others disappeared! :( But I loooove me some white chocolate mousse fro-yo!