Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let’s Go On a Picnic

  These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of going here and there for me—and let’s face it, summertime usually is a time when we hardly get a chance to sit, and sometimes it can be a challenge to keep healthy foods everywhere you go. We all know how food can spoil at a long day beach event, or how last minute plans result in a swing through the drive through for some quick and often not nourishing food. I try my hardest to prepare food ahead of time, pack it up in my Tupperware, and load it in a lunch box, but sometimes I simply can’t due to time or lack of. And with college just around the corner and no meal plan this year, I plan on not succumbing to the overly expensive campus food and packing snacks and lunches instead. Of course I have already been brainstorming of how I can do this in an economical, healthy, and time-wise fashionable way. A website I recently discovered may help me out big time, and I wanted to share in hopes that it can help you out in your time-crunched days as well!

  I remember the days of picnics packed up and eaten under the shining summer sun. Now, I am leery of ants, really don’t care to sit in the dirt, and ok—I would just rather sit at a table and “picnic” that way instead. But the whole idea of picnicking—packing up, easy to haul, eating wherever kind of fits the description of what I was searching for. Enter in GoPicnic a website that specializes in sending you healthy, cheap, and yummy-sounding meals for your on-the-go lifestyle! They have every type of ready-to-eat meals ranging from breakfast, care packages, gluten-free, halal, kid’s meals, kosher, salads, variety packs, vegan, vegetarian and even a On Sale Today tab that provides outstanding deals—some meals as low as $1.99! Say your feeling like a kid again and you want to go with the kids meals—here’s a great looking one!


The AquaMunch meal will run you $1.99 for sunbutter sunflower seed spread, Bonne Maman strawberry jam, Late July classic rich organic crackers, Sweet Perry Orchards unsweetened natural applesauce, Sensible Portions cheddar multigrain mini-crisps and a Barry's Bakery cinnamon pastry twist. Cool! And of course the ingredients list in long due to all the products, but it’s still impressive. You can check that out for this meal here.

Not into the kids meals? That’s okay! Maybe a vegan pack is on your mind—if so make sure you pick up SafariMunch! This one is a bit more spendy at 5.99 a pop, but it sounds worth it! This meal includes Salba Smart organic tortilla chips, Ortega mild salsa, Sheffa zesty snack mix, Mrs. May's sunflower seed crunch, Sweet Perry Orchards natural strawberry applesauce, and Enjoy Life snickerdoodle cookies.

I highly suggest you head on over to GoPicnic to find a meal that suits you! If you have no plans of buying a prepackaged meal, and still want to stick with packing all your own stuff, maybe your in a rut with what to make/pack. If your like me and like to use up food that you have before going out and buying more, definitely click on over to Dinner Tool and simply type in one ingredient you have on hand or want to use and it will compile a list of meals based on that single ingredient! You can also use its’ random generator by clicking “I’m feeling hungry!” and get a weeks worth of meals to cook. By allowing your to save a weekly meal plan, even as far as matching you up with online coupons to save on your needed food—it’s almost too good to be true! Plus I love that it’s free, which is why you should head on over ASAP!

Have a awesome hump day!


Jenny said...

wow go picnic sounds awesome for me! especially when I'll be back at school and on the go so much -- thank you for sharing this girlie.. you are honestly a life savor and my go-to gal for new foodie finds :)

hope the new place is treating you well!
lots of love,

Anonymous said...

ahhh i have this website in my faves and always wanted to order from them but havent tried it out yet... everything is sooo cute and fun... i def have to try it out soon... thanks for the info lovie!

Krista said...

That sounds like a really neat site!

Anonymous said...

and ps i didnt know that u were a coupon fan like me! haha anywho i have a lot of randoms that i def cant use all myself so if u want i will send some your way! if your interested email me your address at

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

aww I miss picnics :) they are so much fun during these summer days!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for that link, girl! I checked it out - so amazing. And even though I might not use it because of the extra expense (although the $1.99 meals are a pretty fair deal), you're totally right that it can give you some great ideas to make your own meals on the run.

I'm so glad you like my Beatles CD!! I listened to them while driving around the city yesterday (obviously though I listen to them way more than just that) and thought of you :) And did you like the Lara?!

Carolyn at GoPicnic said...

Hi! My name is Carolyn and I am an employee at GoPicnic! Thanks for blogging about us, what a great blog! For you and your bloggers, purchase GoPicnic meals and get a 20% discount by entering GOPICNICVIP at checkout...just a little thank you for on GoPicnic's behalf! Also, we were featured on the Today Show this morning! Check it out if you're interested!

Have a great day!