Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Two Days of the Rest of My Summer

For those of you who don’t know about my new summer job, read about it here and here.

Thursday was basically the first day of work, and the first day of what I will be doing the rest of the summer. I work 6 days a week—days spent cooking, learning new things, cleaning, and just enjoy being around all things food! The kitchen I am working in for the Concordia Language Villages is in charge of preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the adult campers, who are actually here for a seminar to learn to teach the language they teach in a better and more effective way—and like I mentioned before, they are coming from all corners of the world.

Here’s my new kitchen I’ll be cooking in probably more than my home kitchen:






dining hall

This is the dining hall where the students will be eating.

Meals don’t start being served until today, so Thursday and Friday were brutally long days (8-9 hours on my feet) spent stocking the kitchen with everything. During the actual school year, the kitchen is used for other purposes, so we came into a completely empty kitchen. A huge truck load delivered numerous boxes filled with everything from utensils to kitchen appliances. And all things that came through the door had to be washed, so needless to say many many loads of dishes were done.


Friday, I was pretty much in charge of all things going on. More unloading, and another delivery from the food distributor.


When the food is delivered, everything needs to be checked on the inventory sheet and put away immediately—it’s quite the process, but I will get the hang of it!


Stay tuned for more job adventures—glad you’ll be around for the ride!! :-)

During this job, I can definitely see I will need to snack a lot to keep up my energy, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out my outrageously growing bar collection.


Kashi Go Lean Cinnamon Coffee Cake Bar

“This all natural vanilla coffee cake flavored snack bar is infused with the dreamy combination of cinnamon and roasted hazelnut chunks.”


Chew Review: This bar was great! It's made its’ way into my top 5 favorites. I loved how it had the sweet coating both on the bottom and also drizzled on the top. It was the perfect crunch as well. And as far as keeping me full, I don’t think it would as a meal replacement, but it works perfect as a sweet ending to a meal.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! :-)


Sweet and Savory said...

What a fun job and some great experience you will be sure to have!

Krista said...

This job sounds perfect for you! Can't wait for your updates...

Adventures in Domestic Cooking said...

Sounds like a perfect job! Congrats!

Jessica said...

Looks like it's going to be a great summer at work! Glad the first days went well!

Lindsay @ said...

This sounds like a great job! You are going to do so well at it!

Erica said...

Love reading about your new job. Sounds like a ton of work- but fun work! Can't wait to read more. I've never had that bar, but it sounds yummy

Nicole, RD said...

That is one MONGO kitchen! And LOTS of food! What a wonderful experience, you are going to have so much fun and be so busy the time will zoom by!! I can't wait to read, and see, more!