Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Trip Recap

I have actually never taken a long road trip—usually I am flying or taking the train. A.k.a. the fast way of getting to a destination. However, the slow way, or driving, is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding!

And we’re off!!

Day 1


My mom and I left a day early so we could enjoy Wisconsin Dells a bit since we have never made it over there. I definitely recommend going reminded me a lot of Florida with all the touristy shops and attractions!

Who knew driving could work up such an appetite? We found a Ponderosa’s which is one of my favorite restaurants/buffets. I ordered the grilled shrimp and baked potato—delish!


Then it was time to explore!!

Hotel Rome


All homemade saltwater taffy.


I seem to meet up with my favorite thing everywhere!


Day 2

Both my mom and I got so excited when we spotted a Dunkin DonutsMinnesota doesn’t have any!!


Coffee and donuts anyone? Hey we’re on vacation..


The morning consisted of driving, driving, and oh..more driving.

Sunflower field!


Our next destination was the House on a Rock. It was the most amazing place I have ever been to in my 19 years of living. And we took about 300 pictures, so I am going to dedicate one whole post on it once I get home—so definitely stay tuned for that.


Only three more hours till Chicago, so we took our time and stopped at the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, Illinois which is a casino on an old river boat.


The original reason we stopped though was to eat at the Grand Victoria Buffet!

Steamed tilapia, green beans, sautéed mushrooms/onions, and a baked potato.


Broccoli, peel and eat shrimp, artichoke hearts.


Overall, the buffet was a really nice spread and the selection of food would really cater to a lot of taste palates. If you are ever on your way into Chicago, you should make a pit-stop for sure!

With full bellies, we finally made it to the city!!


Stay tuned for more Chicago shenanigans and recaps of all the Healthy Living Summit events!

Have you been to Chicago? If so, what do you like to do here?


Kirsten said...

Wonderful! I hope you and your Mom have a fabulous time together Cassie! Makes me yearn for the days when my daughter lived nearby and we could travel together. So much fun to sample all of the different styles of cooking in other parts of our nation. Enjoy!! Kirsten

The Healthy Hostess said...

I LOVE Chicago! My brother lives in Lincoln Park, which is a great area! It's so much fun to just walk around and shop or run on the lake path. I love all of the little neighborhoods! They have a great market there too - I think it's called City Green Market or something - it's pretty awesome!

Krista said...

Your road trip sounds like a blast so far!!! I agree that sometimes travelling by car is the way to go. You just have the opportunity to see SO much more. Enjoy the HLS!

Kim said...

Road trips are so much fun! I've never been to Chicago, but I've always wanted to go. I'm excited to hear more about the trip.