Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Things I’m Shopping For

   Well everyone, I can BREATH! I am officially done with the semester—bring on summer!(oh and total full-time blogging starting next week!Yipee!) So now it’s time to start packing like a mad woman so mom and dad can come and rescue me! =D Thought I would leave you with a few new things I have added to my online wish list and potentially going to buy soon! Next time I talk to you I will be 2 hours further north in MN from my current location. Argh, could I get any closer to Canada and redneck towns? Eek! Have a stunning rest of your week =)

  • So this year I did without a lunch box or bag and stuffed lunch in my backpack. But since next year I will be living off campus I think it’ll be smart to have a lunchbox to keep things cold while I’m on campus during the day. So I have kept my eyes peeled and this is one of the top contenders. BLT-09-PAN_ai

Yes it is for kids, but hey aren’t we all secretly kids at heart?! This is a Built NY Munchlers Insulated Lunch Bag. For $9.95 you get this bag that unzips to function as a placemat too! How handy right? And it’s also tested lead and food safe—sweet! BTW, if your not a fan of pink or pandas, they do have 3 other designs; a tiger, bunny, and dog! You should so get one!

  • Since I’m on the bag drag here, might as well include a whole website dedicated to the coolest bags ever! Why are they so cool? They are made out of recycled t-shirts!ICE CREAM MADNESS Going green has never been so stylish in my book! They have animal ones, arts, brands, cartoons, disney, foods and beverages, you name it—they have it. Don’t wait—> check em’ out here!



  • So we all occasionally want things we don’t really need right? This would be my “I don’t really need it, but I still really want it” find. What is it you ask? It’s yet another funky thing I can plug in my USB port on my laptop. A mini-fridge!!! Never again will my can of pop have to get warm while I’m blogging. Do you want one too? For only $24.99 it’s a small price to pay for something you don’t need. I know you secretly want one too!! =)
  • Does anyone else love making ice cubes out of different flavors of Kool-Aid or any other kind of fruity drink? I love it in the summer—to stay cool, calm a sweet tooth, or just for the heck of it. You better believe these babies will be making an appearance in my freezer in the coming months. much cooler could it get? No cooler than the ice cubes itself!





  • And last but not least a product that stems from my love of all things ice cream. When I get my apartment I plan on doing one room a total ice cream theme! I’ve had my eye on this lamp for a couple months now. I may even cave for the $40 price tag.

Can you blame me—seriously?

If anyone knows of any cute ice cream themed decor either online or seen in stores please share! I’m outta here—good night!


Laura said...

omgg those are the coolest things i have ever seen!!! I totally want the USB fridge! Oh and ps congrats on being done with college... i have only a few more days left :)

Jenny said...

what cute little gizmos girl! congrats on getting through your first year of school! I still don't know how you did it an entire year early - you are one strong and ambitious chick!

Erica said...

Congrats on being done! I bet you are super excited for a break. I need a break from work :) Cute buys! I have a lunch box and love it! That ice cream lamp is adorable